This project started when we were asked to respond to Georges Perec's An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris in our first module of MA Graphic Arts. Along with L'infraordinaire, I took Perec's meaning to be that there is pleasure to be had in paying attention to the minutiae of everyday life and that if we stopped and observed, we would notice and appreciate things we hadn't before. I started collecting rubbings (predominantly with charcoal) of objects, surfaces and textures around my house. What stories could they tell? How evocative are the textures for others (for instance, you may recognise the ubiquitous Ikea shower mat...!)? These rubbings almost serve as forensic insights into the overlooked objects that surround us on an everyday basis. For this project I was heavily inspired by Max Ernst and Marina Willer. I hope to use these rubbings to form larger collages at some point, in a similar style to Ernst.