As part of an MA Graphic Arts module, we were asked to produce a motion graphics piece which represented some element of our creative histories, be that an approach, graphic style, experience etc. (Note: doing a stop motion animation piece as your first motion graphics experiment is probably not the smartest idea. Doing it with Lego is even less smart. I did that anyway. I now never want to see Lego ever again...)

A consistent part of my own creative process/ struggle has always been self-doubt, and since I was absolutely paralysed by indecision as to what to make this motion piece on, my own self-doubt seemed entirely appropriate to parody. So, armed with my Canon 600D, YouTube tutorials and a lot of determination, I set to work.

The "synopsis": Lego guy (me, or any other creative) is given a brief. Lego guy doesn't know what to do for the brief and has a creative block. A car drives past (a metaphor for self-doubt) and throws a giant bit of... chewing gum?... at Lego guy and yells "you suck!". Lego guy sighs despondently, sits down and feels sorry for himself. He then looks at the piece of gum and has a flash of inspiration as to how to make the best of the situation. He turns it into a beautiful (if I may say so myself) little rose. Relieved, he goes to submit his piece... only for a random dog to come and eat it before he gets the chance to submit it (literal "dog ate my homework").

It's an entirely stupid piece, but I think it's got a good sense of humour and does go some way to encapsulating what a lot of creatives feel sometimes! Given that I'd never done anything like this before and I produced and edited this piece within a week, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! The old approach of "make and learn" was definitely the way to go here.