In May 2019 I designed the majority of the material for UWE's Creative Writing Degree Show to an extremely tight deadline. Designing material with a lot of text is always a challenge: designers are generally taught to keep text brief on display materials; walls of text are not exactly easy or attractive to look at! For this reason I used mostly Raleway (the same I use on this site), a light and airy typeface, and aimed for minimal intervention with the text to allow it to speak for itself. There were certain restrictions with the space: for example, some elements of the previous display could not be taken down so I had to work with what I had and make sure that whatever I produced did not clash with the existing material. For the pieces of writing that had already been published, I aimed to replicate the look of the site or book of publication.

For the booklets, I decided to use a traditional serif typeface for the body (Georgia) and the Permanent Marker typeface for the booklet titles. This was to allude to both the traditional format of a book with the serif, but also make it feel more like a zine with the marker.