In May 2019 I completed the final project for my MA in Graphic Arts, the main outcome of which was a film entitled Conversations with my Mothers. The film, for which I was awarded a distinction, explores the views and experiences of womanhood according to three generations of one family (mine!). The final film, produced from a feminist perspective, touches on themes of internalised misogyny, pervasive messaging, and the role of the media in influencing gender roles. More broadly, it also raises questions about societal contexts, knowledge formation, and storytelling. How does the society in which we grow up influence how we feel about ourselves as women? How big is the difference in views from generation to generation and is this a cause of tension? How do we narrativize our experiences so that they become “knowledge” and how do we impart that knowledge to others?

Past screenings: 7th–12th June — Arnolfini
Future screenings: 17th July — Bluescreen event at the Cube Microplex
Film Festivals: Pinewood Studios' Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival 2019